Vehicles are collected with a full tank and returned with a full tank. Should you return the vehicle without refueling, we will refuel and bill you on your invoice.

We accept local currency and US$. Other currencies are accepted subject to prior agreement.

We deliver vehicles at your requested location. We deliver within the city centre for free and out of town at a cost.

We offer unlimited mileage for hires that exceed 20 days.

Yes. The other person(s) wishing to drive the vehicle must submit a copy of a valid driver’s license when collecting the vehicle.

Yes, provided the car is available.

Yes. Contact us as soon as possible and provide us with the reservation number and email address.

Follow the procedure below if you are involved in an accident:

1. Move the vehicle to a safe location to prevent further accidents.
2. Assist all injured parties.
3. Report the accident to the police.
4. Get the contact details of the other party.
5. Contact our customer care desk.
6. Do not negotiate a private settlement on the spot. Private settlements will invalidate the insurance and you will be required to pay the entire cost.

Yes. All of our vehicles have a tracking system.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us below

Murare Car Rental

+263 777 469 369
+263 242 485 128

RGM International Airport
A090 Northern Extension

+263 784 932 157
+263 292 230 701 - 2

+263 719 552 179
+263 202 020386

Victoria Falls
+263 789 986 537
+263 83 2840119

+263 789 986 541
+263 777 469 349

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